I LOVE the penultimate Christmas hair appts, I love to see clients come in post summer - from sand between their toes to brassy yellow, and let scarce it dry as hell hair to leave with warm, glossy, all the classic leaf turned, bronze palette vibes!

Do you switch your hair up with relevance to the seasons? Does your MANE reflect the weather and all that the change brings?

At MANE, we pride ourselves on the fact that we sit for a consultation pre appt, EVERY appt, which means we'll discuss all factors that can affect your hair, whether that's a new make up product or the weather change, or an event (life or social!) so that we can ensure you have OPTIONS!

Gone are the days that your stylist will have your root tint mixed before you've even taken your coat and placed your drink order!

Each and every client is guilty of asking for the latest 'hair trend'- and as much as this question excites every single stylist, you have to remember that the main inspo is coming from the runway, last season usually, as they always forecast in the previous quarter- and does not mean it will always suit you, Karen, soz.

Take th 'wolf cut'- I am obsessed with this 70s insoired shaggy mullet cut, can I find a model to do this on for the gram?

In my demographic- no I can't! We have to be creative and inspired, relevant yes, but also to our audience and whio is paying for their serrvcie3. I once heard that a specific hair salon chain actually introduced comission on certain lookbook haircuts and I couldnt belihe that was what was driving their consukltation- not the face shape, lifestyle or fabion of their individual client but a series of said looks.

Because that's exactly what our client should be - INDIVIDUAL- not moulded into the same salon 'look'.

I would never agree to my initiative taking apprentice, completely gowning up my client and washing their hair prepped for their apt without seeing: 1) their outfit 2) their personality and 3) their hair, and how its styled that day. We need to KNOW you in order to style you. FACT. we need your hair to look good or achievable 365 days of the year, not just on the four to six salon days of the year. thats is not a great advert for us or you!

so have a think, are you a season led hair divulger or are you simply a, whatever I fancy in the moment or what's on the gram kinda client?

if its the latter, let me tell you're not as individual as you may think- Inso is indiscreetly and indirectly EVERYWHERE!

If Selfridges want you to start wearing brown earthy tones this season, you bet you will unmistakably start, subconsciously browsing to those tones online or in store- in your make up palette or with your hair colour.

We all do it, we all take inspiration from somewhere or someone. nothing plagiaristic about it, it happens- all day every day and half the time you don't even realise you are doing it.

on that note- this fall, 2021, I am seeing shaggy, lived in fringes, I am seeing copper undertones and let me tell you I've grabbed my chunky knit, I've already bought (ANOTHER) pair of leather black boots and personally I've already changed my hair- my look is now supported by a chocolate, layered 'do' that takes on an Essex blow dry like nobody's business, this very much supported by the fact that I have included BEAUTYWORKS tape extensions in the sides to bulk it out a. tad- it is turning chillier after all!

(find out more about your seasonal hair change at your next MANEappt your stylist will love your Pinterest mood board, or instagram screenshots! We're SO here for it!

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