Olaplex is a salon professional turned home treatment that we have all heard about.

But how much do you really know?

As a professional in the industry, I can hand on heart say there is nothing better than. this bond building system. Hair is more than hair once it has been applied and treated by this magic alchemy.

The creme del a creme of conditioners. If your hair is lank, dry, over processed, coloured or just dull, this product is your answer and you need to read on!

CEO & creator of Olaplex, Dean Christal were going through a period researching stem cell research for a family member, he met with Dr. Craig Hawker, at the university of California, at which Hawker asked Dean what the 'holy grail' of hair would be. to which he replied ' we could change the world by making women more confident with amazing, damage free hair'.

And so, Olaplex was born, after Dean was introduced to Dr. Eric Pressly, in Pressly's garage, surrounded by surfboards, lawn mowers & lab equipment, by two scientists that had never worked in the hair industry.

In July 2014, Olaplex was launched and changed the hair industry forever.

The unique bond multiplying technology presented a new category in haircare that meant industry professionals could tackle more daring and challenging chemical services successfully.

The Olaplex promise was to ensure the integrity of the hair during all chemical services.

It gives the stylist the ability to repair damaged hair while being able to push the envelope on their services, colour & chemical, achieving results not attainable without Olaplex.

The people that understand Olaplex the best? Professional Hairdressers!

Olaplex is made of 8 products, numbered accordingly.

System 1 & 2, in salon treatment upgrades that you don't need to worry about taking home.

Number 1 is an additive that us stylists/ colourists pop into your lighter or toning gloss. Numero 2 is a backwash delicace that is combed through shampooed (4) mid lengths and ends, and left to work its wizardry for ten-20 minutes- which is code for grab a magazine, scroll Instagram or get that salon hand massage!

These two steps, JUMP START your olaplaex lifeline and will elevate the results you get from your take home.

System 3 Hair Perfector- a Take Home Treatment, 4 Nourishing Shampoo, 5 Conditioner, 6 Bond Smoother styling creme, 7 Bonding Oil & the new number 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.


Introducing the absolute game changer, condition yet TONE! Olaplex No.4P, the violet toned shampoo we all need in our loves and part of our OLAPLEX Brighten & Tone service in salon.


At MANE, we are want to be the best by working with the best.

So, rest assured we have services on the MANEmenu:





Thinking of upgrading your hair wardrobe? Want TIMELESS, STATEMENT products? This 8 part collection should be in your team, and on your vanity shelf!

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